Acrylic Bottle Topper, LS - Aqua LW Acrylic Bottle Topper, LS - Aqua LW

Acrylic Bottle Topper, LS - Aqua LW


USD $32.00

This state-of-the-art acrylic wine stopper will stand the test of time. Black acrylic with rubber rings. Overall length: 5 1/2". Not recommended for dishwasher.

Focal bead is a large rounded square LW bead in foil Aqua. Other beads include smaller aqua glass beads as well as silver metal spacer beads.

Care of your Beadables product: Your beads may include glass, wood, plastic or natural products. Check occasionally to ensure that the holding mechanism is secure; gently tighten by hand if necessary (do not over tighten). Wipe with a soft cloth. Hand wash as appropriate. Carefully clean beads based on what they are made of. If necessary, loosen the mechanism holding the beads on and remove them to clean the item. Return the beads and retighten the holding mechanism, being careful not to over-tighten (you can damage the beads or strip the rod). You can use clear fingernail polish to help secure the holding mechanism. With care, your purchase should last for years! Enjoy!