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Fiber Arts

Rhonda Denney is an award-winning fiber artist (see her biography page for more details).

In Rhonda's own words...

I love the challenge of capturing the "spirit" of the subjects I choose to depict in my art. Whether it is a person or an animal, each has something to communicate and it usually involves a look, an expression or even a position.

I started to devote more time to my art and the use of fibers and stitches over the past 10 years. Every piece of art that I create gives me the opportunity to learn more about the diversity, complexity and addictiveness of using fabric, pigments and stitches to create a statement.

Oftentimes, when people see my art pieces, they are amazed that they are not paintings. From my perspective, they are. However, instead of just pigment, I utilize a multitude of different fabrics and the dimensionality of quilting to add to and enhance my art. My art stimulates a desire for a closer look and a tactile confirmation that the art includes stitching.

I am on a continuous journey to explore the possibilities of using fiber art to focus attention on the concept or idea I have chosen to represent.

Look at her Shopping Catalog under fiber arts for some of her creations. Some fiber art items are available for sale, and are annotated under their photo in the gallery. Contact Rhonda with any questions regarding a specific fiber art item or for details on how to purchase a fiber art item. Rhonda is also available for commission work of her fiber arts, either based on her existing designs or a custom design. Contact her for inquiries.

Totes and Bags

We offer a variety of totes and bags with photographs of Rhonda's art work and designs by Rhonda. Offers include heat transfer canvas bags, stenciled totes and bags, quilted bags, and eco-friendly grocery tote bags. Occasionally Rhonda will offer other unique items for sale as well.

Click on the Shopping Catalog under Totes and Bags for available designs and pricing information.

Note Cards
and Prints

You can have your own collection of Rhonda's fiber arts and artwork in the form of full-color note cards or limited edition prints.

Click on the Shopping Catalog under Notecards and Prints for pricing information.