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My goal is to provide unique décor items that add a touch of charm for the home or office.

Beaded Items

Versatile items (mostly stainless steel) with decorative beads added. Many of the beads are Lamp work and are hand-made, and therefore one-of-a-kind. The beads can be "removed" for cleaning. These items make wonderful stocking-stuffers, hostess gifts, birthday gifts or unique items for your house! Great wedding gifts too! Rhonda starts with a base price for an item, then adds the prices for the beads, so prices vary. Care information is provided with each item purchased.

Either select from pieces assembled by Rhonda or custom-order items to match your décor colors, theme colors or motif.

Rhonda offers a wide variety of items, so they are organized into the following categories:

  • Dish Items - Dishes, Bowls and Sets, etc.
  • Serving Items - Sets, Servers, Knives, Spoons, Scoops, Forks and Ladles, etc.
  • Desk Items - Sets, Pens, Bookmarks, Letter Openers, Magnifying Glasses, Styluses, Memo Holders, etc.
  • Bar Items - Sets, Bottle Openers, Bottle Toppers, Appetizer Pick, Swizzle Sticks, etc.
  • Other Items - Candle Holders, Sets, Frames, Bracelet Helpers, Candle Snuffers, Key Finders, Key Rings, etc.

Click on the Shopping Catalog under Beaded Items (you will have to select a category under Beaded Items) for available items and pricing information.

Canvas Floorcloths

What is a Floorcloth?

A floorcloth (also known as an oil cloth, wax cloth, or painted rug) is a piece of canvas or other heavy-duty material, cut, painted and varnished to create an ornamental, yet highly durable and functional, floor covering. The use of floorcloths began during the early 18th century in Europe and crossed the ocean to America a few years later.

In the beginning, floorcloths were normally purchased by wealthy Americans (imported from Britain or made by novice crafters). In some cases, the floorcloths were laid over expensive carpets as crumb catchers. As the American economy prospered, so did the production of floorcloths. After the American Revolution materials were produced in America and the art form began to rival that of Britain. Floorcloths were soon found in less affluent households, often covering floors of dirt or unfinished wood planks. In the 1900s floorcloths became less popular, giving way to the new linoleum products. Recently floorcloths have become more popular. Their versatility and beauty make them a fashionable choice for many different decorating motifs.

Some ideas for the use of floorcloths:

  • Home entryway coverings to protect your floor against mud and water or to place your dirty or wet shoes and boots
  • Floor protection under dining tables, children's highchairs or pet feeding areas - any messes or spills can be easily cleaned up
  • Protect your work area while repotting plants or any other messy jobs
  • Decorative accents in any room of your house
  • House-warming or Host/Hostess gifts - include their name, initials or brand with a design
  • Business advertising - company names or logos at the entranceway so people see it when they walk through the door
Floorcloths - General Use and Care

Floorcloths work best when placed on hard floors such as wood, vinyl, tile, cement, or marble. Dirt is cleaned from the canvas using warm water and mild dish soap. Over time, small cracks or "crazing" may appear in the sealer. This is an inherent quality with floorcloths and is virtually unnoticeable if the cloth is kept clean. Floorcloths should never be folded; they should be rolled into a tube shape for storage.

Floorcloths that are properly cared for can last for years. One customer was still using one she bought 20 years prior. She was ecstatic to find out that we made them and promptly bought another one for her kitchen.

Ordering a Floorcloth

Stock Designs of Hand-painted Floorcloths

We offer several "stock" designs. Our featured designs are our Pox collection. Have fun flaunting your addictions! These floorcloths (like our totes) announce to the world the fact that you (or a friend) has a pox of some kind. These Pox designs fit best on our small floorcloths. Some Pox floorcloth designs are available, but not pictured here. They would be similar to those pictured above, with wording appropriate to the particular Pox Each floorcoth is made to order, and are generally available for shipping within 10 business days after the date of purchase. Click on the Shopping Catalog under Floorcloths to place your order.

Custom-designed Hand-painted Floorcloths

You can change a color selection or modify a design from these stock items. The price of your floorcloth will depend on the size and design complexity. The following table provides some guidelines for the base price of various sizes of floorcloths.

Approximate Finished Size of Floorcloth Base Price (Basic design - additional fees depending on the design)
34" x 20" $55.00
44" x 24" $75.00
54" x 30" $100.00
Any other sizes Ask for estimate

Additional fees will be added to the base price above appropriate to the design requested.

Your design possibilities are almost endless! Photographs can be printed on fabric and added to the surface of the floorcloth. Names, initials, brands or business logos can be painted on the floorcloth. Click on our gallery for examples of floorcloths we have created for other customers. Rhonda will be happy to work with you to create your custom-designed masterpiece!

To start the coordination and planning of your custom-designed floorcloth, complete a Request for Pricing of Custom-designed Floorcloth form and submit it. Custom-designed floorcloths require full payment before work begins.

All custom or customized floorcloths are non-returnable and non-refundable.

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