A native Coloradoan, Rhonda Denney and her husband, Ray Fallen, now live on a small ranch 26 miles northwest of Canon City, Colorado. Out "in the middle of nowhere" they are "off-grid" using solar and propane and cell phone coverage, living in a house they helped build. They keep busy raising a small herd of beef cows and have a variety of animals including 5 horses, 3 pet goats, 2 dogs and 3 cats. Inspired by the beauty and majesty of a large local mountain feature called Cap Rock, of which they have a view right out their bedroom window, Rhonda started her small business, Cap Rock Inspirations, LLC.

Rhonda has a studio in their walkout basement where she does her creating. She loves fiber art, currently focusing on art quilts. She has won awards for her art quilts and several have been published in books. Rhonda assembles her beaded décor creations there as well as designs and constructs her other artistic expressions. Rhonda has always loved to create things, but she started serious (but lighthearted) creating around 2004 at the urging of her husband Ray. His support, as well as their move to their ranch, has allowed her to explore art more fully and express herself with her creations.

Rhonda's life experiences provide her with an endless source of ideas. As a young girl, Rhonda had the opportunity to live overseas in Kenya, East Africa and 40 years later, after reconnecting with family and school friends there, she took several trips back as an adult to revisit the area. Her working career in the field of Information Technology (IT) and her time in the US Army and US Army Reserves supplied her with a variety of adventures. Growing up with three brothers and two sisters, the many trips the family took together, as well as the many animals the family had as pets when growing up provide inspiration as well. Rhonda has lived in several different states across the United State over the years, but always returned to her home state of Colorado. She traveled to several different countries on short trips as well. All of those experiences have influenced Rhonda's appreciation for the various cultures and architectures around the world. Rhonda has always loved animals and children, and she enjoys incorporating them into her art.

When Rhonda discovered quilting in 2004, she started exploring the use of fabrics as her art palette. She likes creating art quilts and playing with various colors and textures. However, Rhonda's expansive nature ensures that she dabbles in many other modes of creativity, thus all the items available on her web site! Rhonda uses many different means, along with a variety of artistic techniques, to create art that is an expression of her - a multi-faceted individual with mercurial depths of whimsy and seriousness. She also likes to share her enthusiasm of artistic creation with others as an instructor/teacher/advisor.

Rhonda is a member of the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA), the American Quilters Society (AQS), the Alliance for American Quilts (Quilt Alliance), the Front Range Contemporary Quilters (FRCQ) and the Westcliffe Contemporary Quilters and Fiber Artists (WCQFA). She has taught classes on art quilt techniques in Colorado as well as internationally.

Rhonda's art quilts are displayed at The Artists Gallery, 416 Main Street, Canon City, CO. Her beaded décor items, as well as her limited edition high-quality Giclee prints and note cards of her art quilts, are also available at the gallery. These items are also available on this web site through the Shopping Catalog. You can contact Rhonda through the Contact Me link on this web site.